Friday, 16 October 2009

Welcome to the world

Hi, I'm Vralk, a resto druid (or will be), and I'm new to blogging... Alittle about myself: I'm hoping to raid socially (if that's possible) once I hit level 80, and keep people alive! I'm currently questing through northrend, and trying to reach level 80 with a nice large SP base, and then, I'll start to do heroics and normals, to get some healing kit (guild runs with Mercykillers) so that I can go into naxx10 and hopfully heal! this would be along with ToC (free items inside) so that I can hopefully get nice and quickly into ulduar, and possibly even ToC10. Restricted with my internet time, i try and play when i can, advancing as much as possible. Not ever having played a druid before, i decided to roll one and stick with it. Rocketting into outlands as a cat, I hit there just after 3.2 hit, so I was rewarded on entry to outlands, with a new simba outfit! Then continued for a while as feral, getting some spell power, and a whole load of moonkin gear, I entered northrend for the first time, having completed all the quests in hellfire, all in zangramarsh, all in terokar, none in nagrand (I cant stand the place) and only a handful of quests in BEM. I went into borean tundra, and loved it. Having respecced to moonking, I was running around, hitting things for up to half their health with a crit! addored it. Now in dragonsblight, I'm leveling my alchemy along with now (gogo skill points) maxed out herbing! Really enjoying the instances, although, not doing much healing, as my spirit is awfully low at the moment. Will have to remedy that when I get to 80! and fairly quickly at that too! Thanks for reading, I'll post later with alittle more about myself. PS, I'm new to the blogging side of things (as I've already said) so, any tips and things you want to see would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Vralk

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