Monday, 19 October 2009

Healing time!

My first northrend instance!! Earlier this week, I took my first healing instance in northrend! and my word did it feel good. Equipped only with a few PUGies who grabbed me at the last moment, and my one spirit trinket, I entered UK, even if I was level 74, I was in full mookin gear minus a trinket. I must say, I loved it I never knew healing with a druid could be so almost tranquil. My mana was never an issue, except for one hairy spot, I used a Crazed Alchemist's Potion for a mana boost, and it procced Wild Magic! Convenience? Thy name is RNG :D Simply rejuving the tank, and double tapping him with Lifebloom was enough to out do all but crits, and when they happened? the bloom sorted it! Nicely uprised with Wild Growth aswel! I expected it to be a tiny little HoT, just to hit the group when I wanted to hit something new. However, I found a spell, who would heal nicely in every situatoin! Although, our warlock rarely benifited from it, as she was slightly too far away for most of the time. Healing is deffinately more fun than Starfire/Wrath spammin, and I have decided now, that I definately want to heal at endgame. Happy Growing! Vralk

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