Monday, 1 March 2010

Back from the edge!

Hey people! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, it's been hectic during February, however, I'm back :) and already have a few posts lined up.

Generally, WoW has been good to me. I haven't gotten much done in the way of raiding, but gearing for bear is going great. I'm sitting at 36k health self buffed, which, with a paladin or a priest, quickly becomes 40k and upwards. Dodge is pretty good too, as I'm comfortably just under 40%.

Unfortunately, some instances (particularly the new icc ones) have a few hard hitting spell casters... which is a worry for all healers, when I'm going allong happily, not taking much damage, and then KAPOW! a huge fireball burns my tail stump off!

The only damage reduction I have for spells coming in, is that 140 damage reduction Essence of Gossamer gives me when it procs. Now, that's not alot, and really, I'm considering enchanting for some shadow e.t.c. resistance. Anyone know anything else that can be done to reduce this?

Trigger happy dps, and hunters who don't know when to use feign death... Plate wearing dps, particularily warriors now, with two huge 2H weapons, running in, E-peen flying high, don't seem to understand the concept of tanking! I'm sorry, I'm not an all singing, all dancing bear tank you may have in your 25 man icc raids. I'm heroic and emblem geared. Get a grip, because 11k dps is not neccesary to get a group through even HoR. You only need a combined group dps of around 12k to get you through that stuff! So, you have two options here DpS... Either slow the Hell down, or get smooshed by a loose add. Your desision. Just remember, 0 health = 0 dps.

I'll finish of my few drafted posts later,

Vralk, Guardian of Cenarius