Friday, 16 October 2009

Alittle more about me.

Alittle more about me. Started out with WoW when the begginning came. Started a hunter, and loved it! Leveled to 70, (took a long time, I never saw level 60 cap) and by then, everyone was about half way through BC. The most raiding I saw then, was half of kara. I remember getting to the opera event, and loving the big bad wolf, simply because I could keep most of my dps up while moving, which was more than almost everyone else cood. When wrath hit, I leveled my hunter, Hitting level 73 just, and deciding to roll a Death Knight (I know, gasp!) Mancow, now sits at level 80, with a naxx25 eady tank set, and an Uld10 ready dps set. Haven't managed to raid as much as I wanted with Mancow, but I have managed to see Flame leviathan, and the XT-002 as DPS, and the whole of Naxx25 as OT. Much fun, but when deciding to level another character, I decided I didn't want to relive the nightmare that is hunter leveling. I'm survival, and I don't plan on changing that any time soon. So, leveling is harder, but much more rewarding. So, instead, I continued on a lowly little druid toon, Vralk. Now leveled 74 (as in my previous post) I'm getting alittle quicker with flight form, and almost half the way to the gold for epic flying. Proffession wise, my hunter is sitting with 294 chanting, and really low mining. (I'm going to have to solve that some time soon). My DK, has maxed out tailoring (yes, I've gotten comments about my flying carpet, but its awesome, I'm not going to lie there) and also maxxed skinning(thinking of getting inscription, JC or some similar proff, given that skinning doesnt churn the revenue I need). My druid has maxed herbing and level 440 alchemy. Not doing badly overall, but not doing as much as I want in terms of money (although, transmutes for meta's are doing really well) Later, I might make a post about macro's (which I pride myself on :D ) and things like my UI, tactics, gearing/tips and tricks e.t.c. more bloggy stuff to come! Laters, Vralk

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  1. If you are druid and especially if you are a tree it seems almost mandatory to have a blog so welcome to the wow blog world :)