Thursday, 10 December 2009

Naxx Certified... Nope...

Gearing is sadly slow. I’m trying to get gear together quickly, and the new pug system is really helping. I’ve yet to try out the daily raid as I only see it ending in tears at the moment.

Hodir inscriptions now BoA? I love the idea! It has always been easier to grind items on my better, stronger death knight... little dwarfs in caves practically hand me their relics of Ulduar! That really hakes my life easier now, I’ll grind relics on Mancøw (DK) then get the inscription.

I’m still levelling Mancøw’s inscription, so soon she should be drooling money, as the inscrptionists on my server (no offence to any of y’all) don’t seem to be capable enough to work the AH well. I’m also making money from my alchemy, transmuting jewels into meta gems, and saronite into titanium whenever the CD’s up.

Wow is churning over slowly, but soon (hopefully) my guild will start trying to raid a little more, starting in Ulduar 10 (I know, a little late, but great for Vralk) soon, thinking of a dedicated raid team. Mercykillers shall shed blood (or oil) once more!

Leafy rawr!                                                                                                                                                                                                                Vralk(/Bloodsail Admiral Mancøw)

PS, new title on me ol’ DK! I’m going for the Insane in the Membrane in my more, boring moments... I’m not too far from it though, I’ll keep yall up to date.