Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Macro Mania

Here is a fearful sight for many, but the thing is, alot of people couldn't live with out them.
Macros range from the Paladin's Righteous Defence Macro to cause it to act like a taunt, to a simple healer's mouseover, To much, much more.
First, I'll epxlain different functions (cast e.t.c.)
/cast --this casts the spell you put here (shift click a spell to put it in exactly)--
/focus --this 'focuses' on your target (you know, that rarely used focus box in your UI)--
/target --this targets whoever's name you put in here, be it a boss, life spark, or another player--
/say -- this will simply 'say' whatever you have to say--
/raid, rw -- types your text into raid chat (or raid warning)--
/party, guild, yell, whisper, 1, 2, 3... --types your text into the relevent channels--
That's all the most basic functions, and realistically, the only ones I use (bar one, which isnt a slash function)
Now, for conditions, as in 'only cast this spell if this is true' as in [target=dead] for instance, you wouldnt want to try and revive a living player, now, would you!
These functions always go in square brackets [ ] and always right after the function (cast, target e.t.c.)
[target=dead,nodead,harm,help,party,raid,] -- if the target is dead, alive, enemy, friendly, party or raid member, cast it.
[mod=alt,shift,ctrl] -- if you are pressing the correct button (alt, shift or control) then cast it. useful for multi spell macro's, this is potentially one of the more used macro conditions.
[combat,nocombat,swimming,noswimming,flyable,noflyable] -- if your character is under certain constraints, e.g. in combat or not, swimming or not, and able to fly or not. useful for a combat rez/resurection macro, or an aquatic form/travel form macro, or even a mount macro (select the flying one if you can, or if not, take a land mount)
Now, the target can be used in a different manner. It can be used to select your target instead of using it as a condition.
[target=player,focus,pet,targetlasttarget,targettarget] -- by puting this in, your spell, will target you, your focus, or your pet, your last target, or your target's target.
The only other part of every macro that I use is the '#showtooltip' function. This will cause your macro to show the tooltip of the spell it will cast when pressed. (This changes if you have alt/ctrl/shift mods in the macro)
Now, for some practical examples:
--Death Knight Macro's--
#showtooltip /raid [target=player,raid] %S just activated Unbreakable Armor, 20 seconds left! /party [target=player,noraid] %S just activated Unbreakable Armor, 20 seconds left! /cast Unbreakable Armor
This Macro will inform your raid (or party if you aren't in a raid) that you have just activated Unbreakable Armor, and that there are 20 seconds left on your buff.
/y Army of the Dead used, watch for mob taunts!
/cast Army of the Dead
This Macro will shout to everyone that you have used Army of the Dead, and inform your tank/other party members, that there will be random taunts from the ghouls while they are alive.
Druid Macro's
I'm not going to bother listing all the /cast [target=mouseover] functions, as that takes a long time, and can basically be used for all of the spells we have (especially rejuv/wild growth when we are blanketing the party/raid).
Now, for a beastly revive macro :D
/raid [target=help,dead,raid,nocombat] Reviving %T, better luck next time!
/raid [target=help,dead,raid,combat] Rebirthing %T, Battle res on 30min CD!
/party [target=help,dead,noraid,nocombat] Reviving %T, better luck next time!
/party [target=help,dead,noraid,combat] Rebirthing %T, Battle res on 30min CD!
/cast [nocombat,target=help,dead] Revive
/cast [combat,target=help,dead] Rebirth
WOW, thats alot of conditions! Basically a simply macro though! It will inform your raid or party (depending on which you are in) that you will use Revive or Rebirth, if you are targeting a friendly dead player, and then uses the spell that is appropriate for your situation! Useful hey?
/cast [nomod,target=nodead,party] Gift of the Wild
/cast [nomod,target=nodead,noparty,noraid] Mark of the Wild
/cast [mod:alt][target=help,nodead] Thorns
This is simple, if you are in a party (or raid, a raid is a colection of parties as far as WoW is concerned) it will cast Gift of the Wild, if you aren't pressing any mods. if you aren't in a party or raid, you will cast Mark of the Wild on your target, again, assuming the target is alive, and you aren't pressing any mods. If you are pressing the button ALT, you will cast Thorns onto your target if they are friendly, and not dead (which is always useful)
Hunter Macros
Again, I'm not going to list things like pet attack macro's, as they are far to many an numerous.
/cast [target=harm] Hunter's Mark
/cast [pet=dead,nocombat] Revive Pet
/cast [pet=nodead,nocombat,nopet] Call Pet
/s [target=harm] Hunter's Mark cast on %T, Hit them while you can!
This is nice and easy to explain...
If the target is unfriendly, cast Hunter's Mark. if your pet is dead, and you are out of combat, cast Revive Pet (Beast Masters might want to change this because alot of your dps comes from your pet) If you are out of combat, and have a not dead pet, you will cast Call Pet.
If you are targeting someone nasty, you will tell everyone that Hunter's Mark is active on %T (which will type in the name of your target) and tell them to hit them before the Mark runs out :D
Thats all from me today!
Happy Macro Mania!
PS, now level 75 :D


  1. I definately should start to use macros more. I will. Promise :)

  2. hehe, they realy do help...
    just don't put too many spells together, or the Global Cooldown will stop all of them being used...