Thursday, 26 November 2009

Four Score and Heroics

That’s right, anyone who loves old ways or using numbers will have guessed the topic!

level 80 achievment.png

Vralk is now, 100%, positively level 80!

She swirled in yellow fireworks on Monday, gracefully meeting the level cap in Icecrown, just smiting a Crypt lord for the Argent Crusade.

We managed to get into Azjol-Nerub and ToC heroics that evening. ToC was with my good ol’ guildmates, and AN was Vralk's very first heroic Pug! J

ToC heroic wielded no drops for me, although, I did secure a lot of cloth/leather from normal earlier in the day.

AN however, was another story. I had to pick between two drops! Two robes dropped, and, I went for the cloth one, as the leather had worse stats except for the armour, which I don’t really need (hopefully)

Haven’t tried to heal yet, I’m waiting to gear up first, for now though, I’ll stick with moonkin-ing until I have a nice set, preferably around 1000-1300 healing power in ToL. Might try healing some normals later,

Love and Leaves,                                                                            Vralk

Monday, 9 November 2009

Welcome to the Darkness

I’m sure everyone finds this with many or most of their characters...

You get really far, perhaps even further than you have before with other classes, you feel good about a character, then suddenly, hit a brick wall, almost halting you in all process.

I’ve hit my biggest yet. Vralk is at level 78, and not moving very far. I almost can’t bring myself to log in...

Hope I get through this, don’t know what I would do if my days persisted in being boring.

Wow has always been there to escape to, but now, it’s a looming giant of dread, taunting me, daring me to return, but I’m just not ready yet.


Lost in the Darkness,                                                                                              Vralk


Who Will lend a helping hand.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Lest We Forget a keen believer that we should do whatever we can to help our soldiers during, and after they have been in action, I’m sending out my thanks to what the poppy appeal does for us, and our brave uniformed men and women. The Poppy Appeal sets out, every year, with a total of roughly 130 men and women working to put together a multitude of poppies, wreaths and crosses for the use on November the 11th on Remembrance Sunday.

This got me thinking, such a small token of appreciation, and thanks for what these people have done for us (a pound or two) for a poppy, causes such a benefit to those injured in action, and the partners who have been left behind when loved ones have passed away.

All it takes, is that we say thank you for what they have done.


This made me consider that actually, a lot of what we do in WoW is quite similar. When we get ready for a group or a raid, we all buff up, and possibly put down a feast if we have one. This in turn, from a small act of kindness, from a single party or raid member, in turn, increases the ability of all others around them. This of course is not on the same level of kindness and generosity as our soldiers, or even that of the Poppy Appeal in their fundraising efforts. But, this is a small token of friendship, that helps people to get things done.

One thing I don’t find grateful, is when one person thinks that the wiping of the group is so definitely not their fault, that they refuse to pay their repair bills without at least subsidisation from the group or raid members. When a member is so selfish, that they believe that they should not be held responsible in any way, and that even though everyone is trying their hardest, (no one would purposefully wipe a raid I hope) they still believe that they should be compensated when it was no one’s intended fault. Most classes have a multitude of buffs they bring towards a group or raid, and a whole host of buffs your professions can bring as well. When a member takes no heed of this, ignoring things from mats cost for consumables, and the cost of a battle res, or rebuffing gift of the wild e.t.c. then it saddens me to see that they can shun all that aside, ignore the sacrifices (no matter how small) from their fellow players, and then bluntly blame them for everything going wrong, demanding repayment, THAT, is when my blood starts to boil.

So, In an act of remembrance, thanks and praise for everyone who has ever risked their lives for my country, freedom, and right to be happy,

Every single one of my toons, will be carrying the red roses in game.


Lest We Forget

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Druid Main!!

Hey people, this is somewhat of a test, I don’t know

what the formatting for this is going to come out

like, but I’m hoping it won’t be awful :D I’m trying

out this E-mail function as I can’t actually post atm...


Anyway! Over at Druidmain, Icedragon has been

holding an art contest. With a prize for the winner!

I’m sorry I didn’t post this earlier, I’ve been tied down

recently... The competition ends on the 5th.

for more information, look there! All art submitted will

be used!


Go show your stuff people!