Thursday, 10 December 2009

Naxx Certified... Nope...

Gearing is sadly slow. I’m trying to get gear together quickly, and the new pug system is really helping. I’ve yet to try out the daily raid as I only see it ending in tears at the moment.

Hodir inscriptions now BoA? I love the idea! It has always been easier to grind items on my better, stronger death knight... little dwarfs in caves practically hand me their relics of Ulduar! That really hakes my life easier now, I’ll grind relics on Mancøw (DK) then get the inscription.

I’m still levelling Mancøw’s inscription, so soon she should be drooling money, as the inscrptionists on my server (no offence to any of y’all) don’t seem to be capable enough to work the AH well. I’m also making money from my alchemy, transmuting jewels into meta gems, and saronite into titanium whenever the CD’s up.

Wow is churning over slowly, but soon (hopefully) my guild will start trying to raid a little more, starting in Ulduar 10 (I know, a little late, but great for Vralk) soon, thinking of a dedicated raid team. Mercykillers shall shed blood (or oil) once more!

Leafy rawr!                                                                                                                                                                                                                Vralk(/Bloodsail Admiral Mancøw)

PS, new title on me ol’ DK! I’m going for the Insane in the Membrane in my more, boring moments... I’m not too far from it though, I’ll keep yall up to date.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Four Score and Heroics

That’s right, anyone who loves old ways or using numbers will have guessed the topic!

level 80 achievment.png

Vralk is now, 100%, positively level 80!

She swirled in yellow fireworks on Monday, gracefully meeting the level cap in Icecrown, just smiting a Crypt lord for the Argent Crusade.

We managed to get into Azjol-Nerub and ToC heroics that evening. ToC was with my good ol’ guildmates, and AN was Vralk's very first heroic Pug! J

ToC heroic wielded no drops for me, although, I did secure a lot of cloth/leather from normal earlier in the day.

AN however, was another story. I had to pick between two drops! Two robes dropped, and, I went for the cloth one, as the leather had worse stats except for the armour, which I don’t really need (hopefully)

Haven’t tried to heal yet, I’m waiting to gear up first, for now though, I’ll stick with moonkin-ing until I have a nice set, preferably around 1000-1300 healing power in ToL. Might try healing some normals later,

Love and Leaves,                                                                            Vralk

Monday, 9 November 2009

Welcome to the Darkness

I’m sure everyone finds this with many or most of their characters...

You get really far, perhaps even further than you have before with other classes, you feel good about a character, then suddenly, hit a brick wall, almost halting you in all process.

I’ve hit my biggest yet. Vralk is at level 78, and not moving very far. I almost can’t bring myself to log in...

Hope I get through this, don’t know what I would do if my days persisted in being boring.

Wow has always been there to escape to, but now, it’s a looming giant of dread, taunting me, daring me to return, but I’m just not ready yet.


Lost in the Darkness,                                                                                              Vralk


Who Will lend a helping hand.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Lest We Forget a keen believer that we should do whatever we can to help our soldiers during, and after they have been in action, I’m sending out my thanks to what the poppy appeal does for us, and our brave uniformed men and women. The Poppy Appeal sets out, every year, with a total of roughly 130 men and women working to put together a multitude of poppies, wreaths and crosses for the use on November the 11th on Remembrance Sunday.

This got me thinking, such a small token of appreciation, and thanks for what these people have done for us (a pound or two) for a poppy, causes such a benefit to those injured in action, and the partners who have been left behind when loved ones have passed away.

All it takes, is that we say thank you for what they have done.


This made me consider that actually, a lot of what we do in WoW is quite similar. When we get ready for a group or a raid, we all buff up, and possibly put down a feast if we have one. This in turn, from a small act of kindness, from a single party or raid member, in turn, increases the ability of all others around them. This of course is not on the same level of kindness and generosity as our soldiers, or even that of the Poppy Appeal in their fundraising efforts. But, this is a small token of friendship, that helps people to get things done.

One thing I don’t find grateful, is when one person thinks that the wiping of the group is so definitely not their fault, that they refuse to pay their repair bills without at least subsidisation from the group or raid members. When a member is so selfish, that they believe that they should not be held responsible in any way, and that even though everyone is trying their hardest, (no one would purposefully wipe a raid I hope) they still believe that they should be compensated when it was no one’s intended fault. Most classes have a multitude of buffs they bring towards a group or raid, and a whole host of buffs your professions can bring as well. When a member takes no heed of this, ignoring things from mats cost for consumables, and the cost of a battle res, or rebuffing gift of the wild e.t.c. then it saddens me to see that they can shun all that aside, ignore the sacrifices (no matter how small) from their fellow players, and then bluntly blame them for everything going wrong, demanding repayment, THAT, is when my blood starts to boil.

So, In an act of remembrance, thanks and praise for everyone who has ever risked their lives for my country, freedom, and right to be happy,

Every single one of my toons, will be carrying the red roses in game.


Lest We Forget

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Druid Main!!

Hey people, this is somewhat of a test, I don’t know

what the formatting for this is going to come out

like, but I’m hoping it won’t be awful :D I’m trying

out this E-mail function as I can’t actually post atm...


Anyway! Over at Druidmain, Icedragon has been

holding an art contest. With a prize for the winner!

I’m sorry I didn’t post this earlier, I’ve been tied down

recently... The competition ends on the 5th.

for more information, look there! All art submitted will

be used!


Go show your stuff people!


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Gearing? Who says?

So then, the big crunch,
We've all hit it before, you hit the level cap, then after a few seconds of self satisfaction, blizzard tell you, no, hang on a sec, we're going to make you slave for hours more, earning things we call epics.
so, in my hours of boredom, or complete interlag, I've made a gear sheet, with the help of Aertimus and Wowhead
So, without further ado, the gear list!
Dungeon list:
- Cleric's Linen Shoes -Stoutbeard Kolurg
- Helm of Anomalus - Anomalus maybe?
- Warmace of Unrequited Love - Keristrasza
- Frostbridge Orb (OH) - Trash
- Malygos Favor (2H) - Eregos
- Staff of Draconic Combat (2H) - Eregos
- Ancient Dragon Spirit Cape - Eregos
- Drakewing Raiment - Drakos
- Sash of Phantasmal Images - Mage Lord Urom
- Insect Vestiments - Anub'Arak
- Grotto Mist Gloves - Hadronox
Drak'Tharon Keep
- Temple Crystal Fragment (OH) - Novos
- Leggings of the Winged Serpent - Tharon'ja
- Overlook Handguards - Tharon'ja
- Spectral Seal of the Prophet - Tharon'ja
- Reanimator's Cloak - Trash
- Forgotten Shadow Hood - Salram
- Band of Guile - Dark Runed Chest
- Enchanted Wire Stitching - Meathook
And, last but not least, ToC, the great epic giveaway
- Abyssal Rune - Normal
- Binding of the Tranquil Glade - Normal
- Gaze of the Somber Keeper - Normal
- Handwraps of Surrendered Hope - Normal
- Leggings of the Haggard Apprentice - Normal
- Tears of the Vanquished - Normal
- Embrace of Madness - Heroic
- Gloves of Dismal Fortune - Heroic
- Leggings of the Snowy Bramble - Heroic
- Mariel's Sorrow - Heroic
- Symbol of Redemption - Heroic
Also, here's a list of items I hope to get through reputation during my heroic grinding:
- Robes of Crackling Flame - Exalted
- Ghostflicker Wristband - Exalted
- Arcanum of Burning Mysteries - Revered
- Shroud of Dedicated Research - Honored
- Helm of the Magestic Stag - Honored
Wymrest Accord
- Sandals of Crimson Fury - Exalted
- Arcanum of Blissful Mending - Exalted
Knights of the Ebon Blade
- Belt of Dark Mending - Exalted
Sons of Hodir
- Greater Inscription of the Crag - Exalted
Argent Crusade
- Signet of Hopeful Light - Exalted
Horde Expedition
- Darkspear Orb (OH) - Revered
- Fishy Cinch - Revered
I plan on raising Kirin'tor rep first, then Wyrmrest or Ebon Blade, dependant on whether belt or boots drop in the mean time, and if either or both, which ever is higher will be raised first. Argent Crusade and Sons of Hodir can be ground through dailies, and if, by the time Ebon/Wyrmrest are Exalted, Argent isn't, I can just finish it off with the tabard and heroics.
Another, Massive thanks goes out to Aertimus, for his wonderful gear list (I used the Pre naxx gearlist of this)
More later!
Eats shoots and leaves....

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Macro Mania

Here is a fearful sight for many, but the thing is, alot of people couldn't live with out them.
Macros range from the Paladin's Righteous Defence Macro to cause it to act like a taunt, to a simple healer's mouseover, To much, much more.
First, I'll epxlain different functions (cast e.t.c.)
/cast --this casts the spell you put here (shift click a spell to put it in exactly)--
/focus --this 'focuses' on your target (you know, that rarely used focus box in your UI)--
/target --this targets whoever's name you put in here, be it a boss, life spark, or another player--
/say -- this will simply 'say' whatever you have to say--
/raid, rw -- types your text into raid chat (or raid warning)--
/party, guild, yell, whisper, 1, 2, 3... --types your text into the relevent channels--
That's all the most basic functions, and realistically, the only ones I use (bar one, which isnt a slash function)
Now, for conditions, as in 'only cast this spell if this is true' as in [target=dead] for instance, you wouldnt want to try and revive a living player, now, would you!
These functions always go in square brackets [ ] and always right after the function (cast, target e.t.c.)
[target=dead,nodead,harm,help,party,raid,] -- if the target is dead, alive, enemy, friendly, party or raid member, cast it.
[mod=alt,shift,ctrl] -- if you are pressing the correct button (alt, shift or control) then cast it. useful for multi spell macro's, this is potentially one of the more used macro conditions.
[combat,nocombat,swimming,noswimming,flyable,noflyable] -- if your character is under certain constraints, e.g. in combat or not, swimming or not, and able to fly or not. useful for a combat rez/resurection macro, or an aquatic form/travel form macro, or even a mount macro (select the flying one if you can, or if not, take a land mount)
Now, the target can be used in a different manner. It can be used to select your target instead of using it as a condition.
[target=player,focus,pet,targetlasttarget,targettarget] -- by puting this in, your spell, will target you, your focus, or your pet, your last target, or your target's target.
The only other part of every macro that I use is the '#showtooltip' function. This will cause your macro to show the tooltip of the spell it will cast when pressed. (This changes if you have alt/ctrl/shift mods in the macro)
Now, for some practical examples:
--Death Knight Macro's--
#showtooltip /raid [target=player,raid] %S just activated Unbreakable Armor, 20 seconds left! /party [target=player,noraid] %S just activated Unbreakable Armor, 20 seconds left! /cast Unbreakable Armor
This Macro will inform your raid (or party if you aren't in a raid) that you have just activated Unbreakable Armor, and that there are 20 seconds left on your buff.
/y Army of the Dead used, watch for mob taunts!
/cast Army of the Dead
This Macro will shout to everyone that you have used Army of the Dead, and inform your tank/other party members, that there will be random taunts from the ghouls while they are alive.
Druid Macro's
I'm not going to bother listing all the /cast [target=mouseover] functions, as that takes a long time, and can basically be used for all of the spells we have (especially rejuv/wild growth when we are blanketing the party/raid).
Now, for a beastly revive macro :D
/raid [target=help,dead,raid,nocombat] Reviving %T, better luck next time!
/raid [target=help,dead,raid,combat] Rebirthing %T, Battle res on 30min CD!
/party [target=help,dead,noraid,nocombat] Reviving %T, better luck next time!
/party [target=help,dead,noraid,combat] Rebirthing %T, Battle res on 30min CD!
/cast [nocombat,target=help,dead] Revive
/cast [combat,target=help,dead] Rebirth
WOW, thats alot of conditions! Basically a simply macro though! It will inform your raid or party (depending on which you are in) that you will use Revive or Rebirth, if you are targeting a friendly dead player, and then uses the spell that is appropriate for your situation! Useful hey?
/cast [nomod,target=nodead,party] Gift of the Wild
/cast [nomod,target=nodead,noparty,noraid] Mark of the Wild
/cast [mod:alt][target=help,nodead] Thorns
This is simple, if you are in a party (or raid, a raid is a colection of parties as far as WoW is concerned) it will cast Gift of the Wild, if you aren't pressing any mods. if you aren't in a party or raid, you will cast Mark of the Wild on your target, again, assuming the target is alive, and you aren't pressing any mods. If you are pressing the button ALT, you will cast Thorns onto your target if they are friendly, and not dead (which is always useful)
Hunter Macros
Again, I'm not going to list things like pet attack macro's, as they are far to many an numerous.
/cast [target=harm] Hunter's Mark
/cast [pet=dead,nocombat] Revive Pet
/cast [pet=nodead,nocombat,nopet] Call Pet
/s [target=harm] Hunter's Mark cast on %T, Hit them while you can!
This is nice and easy to explain...
If the target is unfriendly, cast Hunter's Mark. if your pet is dead, and you are out of combat, cast Revive Pet (Beast Masters might want to change this because alot of your dps comes from your pet) If you are out of combat, and have a not dead pet, you will cast Call Pet.
If you are targeting someone nasty, you will tell everyone that Hunter's Mark is active on %T (which will type in the name of your target) and tell them to hit them before the Mark runs out :D
Thats all from me today!
Happy Macro Mania!
PS, now level 75 :D

Monday, 19 October 2009

Healing time!

My first northrend instance!! Earlier this week, I took my first healing instance in northrend! and my word did it feel good. Equipped only with a few PUGies who grabbed me at the last moment, and my one spirit trinket, I entered UK, even if I was level 74, I was in full mookin gear minus a trinket. I must say, I loved it I never knew healing with a druid could be so almost tranquil. My mana was never an issue, except for one hairy spot, I used a Crazed Alchemist's Potion for a mana boost, and it procced Wild Magic! Convenience? Thy name is RNG :D Simply rejuving the tank, and double tapping him with Lifebloom was enough to out do all but crits, and when they happened? the bloom sorted it! Nicely uprised with Wild Growth aswel! I expected it to be a tiny little HoT, just to hit the group when I wanted to hit something new. However, I found a spell, who would heal nicely in every situatoin! Although, our warlock rarely benifited from it, as she was slightly too far away for most of the time. Healing is deffinately more fun than Starfire/Wrath spammin, and I have decided now, that I definately want to heal at endgame. Happy Growing! Vralk

Friday, 16 October 2009

Alittle more about me.

Alittle more about me. Started out with WoW when the begginning came. Started a hunter, and loved it! Leveled to 70, (took a long time, I never saw level 60 cap) and by then, everyone was about half way through BC. The most raiding I saw then, was half of kara. I remember getting to the opera event, and loving the big bad wolf, simply because I could keep most of my dps up while moving, which was more than almost everyone else cood. When wrath hit, I leveled my hunter, Hitting level 73 just, and deciding to roll a Death Knight (I know, gasp!) Mancow, now sits at level 80, with a naxx25 eady tank set, and an Uld10 ready dps set. Haven't managed to raid as much as I wanted with Mancow, but I have managed to see Flame leviathan, and the XT-002 as DPS, and the whole of Naxx25 as OT. Much fun, but when deciding to level another character, I decided I didn't want to relive the nightmare that is hunter leveling. I'm survival, and I don't plan on changing that any time soon. So, leveling is harder, but much more rewarding. So, instead, I continued on a lowly little druid toon, Vralk. Now leveled 74 (as in my previous post) I'm getting alittle quicker with flight form, and almost half the way to the gold for epic flying. Proffession wise, my hunter is sitting with 294 chanting, and really low mining. (I'm going to have to solve that some time soon). My DK, has maxed out tailoring (yes, I've gotten comments about my flying carpet, but its awesome, I'm not going to lie there) and also maxxed skinning(thinking of getting inscription, JC or some similar proff, given that skinning doesnt churn the revenue I need). My druid has maxed herbing and level 440 alchemy. Not doing badly overall, but not doing as much as I want in terms of money (although, transmutes for meta's are doing really well) Later, I might make a post about macro's (which I pride myself on :D ) and things like my UI, tactics, gearing/tips and tricks e.t.c. more bloggy stuff to come! Laters, Vralk

Welcome to the world

Hi, I'm Vralk, a resto druid (or will be), and I'm new to blogging... Alittle about myself: I'm hoping to raid socially (if that's possible) once I hit level 80, and keep people alive! I'm currently questing through northrend, and trying to reach level 80 with a nice large SP base, and then, I'll start to do heroics and normals, to get some healing kit (guild runs with Mercykillers) so that I can go into naxx10 and hopfully heal! this would be along with ToC (free items inside) so that I can hopefully get nice and quickly into ulduar, and possibly even ToC10. Restricted with my internet time, i try and play when i can, advancing as much as possible. Not ever having played a druid before, i decided to roll one and stick with it. Rocketting into outlands as a cat, I hit there just after 3.2 hit, so I was rewarded on entry to outlands, with a new simba outfit! Then continued for a while as feral, getting some spell power, and a whole load of moonkin gear, I entered northrend for the first time, having completed all the quests in hellfire, all in zangramarsh, all in terokar, none in nagrand (I cant stand the place) and only a handful of quests in BEM. I went into borean tundra, and loved it. Having respecced to moonking, I was running around, hitting things for up to half their health with a crit! addored it. Now in dragonsblight, I'm leveling my alchemy along with now (gogo skill points) maxed out herbing! Really enjoying the instances, although, not doing much healing, as my spirit is awfully low at the moment. Will have to remedy that when I get to 80! and fairly quickly at that too! Thanks for reading, I'll post later with alittle more about myself. PS, I'm new to the blogging side of things (as I've already said) so, any tips and things you want to see would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Vralk