Saturday, 23 January 2010

Stepping into the Arena.... for PvE?

The bane of my life. It always has been, and will probably always be PvP. I’m not the quickest on the uptake, but when it is raids, I can reasonably predict what damage is coming, from where, to who, and how hard. In PvP, it isn’t that simple. You can’t look up boss mechanics, you can’t just step up and be carried through the fights, you have to fight it through, drastically adjust, and more importantly, move tons!

Yesterday, I made a 2v2 arena team called ‘Cenarion Combat’ and we stepped into our first arena. My friendly Paladin and myself, a lonesome tree. Proudly displaying our ‘guardian of cenarius’ titles, we were promptly steamrolled by another team. I really do mean steamrolled. The paladin got stun locked, and I was nuked by an unfriendly warlock. Things couldn’t have ended faster if I had tried. It was all over too quickly, and we queued up for round two. This went equally badly, but we kept going until we realised what we had to do for different scenarios. I now, some-times even start stealthed! I know, right? Crazy tree!

We’ve won some games, and lost some, but it’s a lot more fun than I expected. AND, I’ve made a paladin friend!

The reason I’ve done this, is to get together some gear in an alternate way. If my arena buddy and I group up, then do a few matches, we can do some instancing when we get bored or frustrated! Then, when we come back, with some fresh emblems and a little more gold, we can go back into the fray, trying to get some arena points. This to me, seems like a really good way, getting emblems for emblem gear, and arena points and honor for PvP gear. The PvP gear I’m aiming for is going to bolster my Tank set, as there is no shortage of stamina and agility on the feral stuff! I’m still healing a lot, and doing the weekly raid all easily, so I’ve not lost my branchy touch. I’m just trying to get a nice tank set before I jump into the world of tanking incase I make a huge mistake, I’ve aways got a moderate amount of gear to fall back to to save my behind!

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  1. Wearing PvP gear of any type in a PvE situation is a VERY bad idea. The stats are itemized differently and resilience is a complete waste in PvE. It also shows heroics groups that 1) You don't seem to be good enough in PvE to get a set of standard PvE gear and 2) You know PvP better than you do PvE, and thus will require more attention and heals/hand-holding. I cringe every time I see someone (DPS or not) with PvP gear in heroics.

    PvP gear is definitely not for tanking. It's not for anything in PvE. Shoot for heroics so you can get the emblems to buy the T9 items, and keep your PvP gear entirely separate :)