Friday, 22 January 2010

Bearing with boredom

The leap into bear form is going pretty smoothly, but I’m still at only 28k health in bear form, which seems miserable, since I run around healing warriors and paladins with 33k health! I’ll get there soon though.... as soon as I get rid of this damned healer chest! Hehe. Ashen verdict is being reasonably nice to me, although I haven’t been able to get together another rep run, not even in 10 man. I’m soo close! All I need is another two mob kills, and I’m done. Then I’ll have two nice shiny healer rings, and two epic level tank rings.

Anyone got any opinions on what are nice enchants? The new disenchant tool is pretty handy towards hoarding the infinite dust and abyss crystals I need for the enchants, as things like blood draining require 40 infinite dust! That wouldn’t be too hard to get off of the AH, or to grind 78-80 greens and get a disenchanter to help out, but when I’m trying to put together a whole tank set, I’m not too keep on forking out thousands of gold for infinite dust, especially when people sell them in stacks of one all the time!!

Making gold is going pretty well, as there is still the need to get potions for raids, and everyone keeps swapping glyphs until the cookie cutter spec is found. I’m pretty fond of all the gold people can spend on random things, but I am definitely NOT a fan of how high the AH prices are on my server... It’s making nearly everything so much harder!

Also, thanks to Icedragon’s spectacular effort at druid main to put together some instance guides, I’ve not got Essence of Gossamer for my gear! I’ve never been able to complete the instance before, let alone heroic mode, (hadn’t tried since 80, and the LFG just never put me in there) but I went in this time, with knowledge I couldn’t have gotten otherwise. I knew exactly what to expect, and we even got a few achievements for killing the first boss with all of his guardians alive! Boy did we all feel pro!

Leaves and Love,


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