Monday, 9 November 2009

Welcome to the Darkness

I’m sure everyone finds this with many or most of their characters...

You get really far, perhaps even further than you have before with other classes, you feel good about a character, then suddenly, hit a brick wall, almost halting you in all process.

I’ve hit my biggest yet. Vralk is at level 78, and not moving very far. I almost can’t bring myself to log in...

Hope I get through this, don’t know what I would do if my days persisted in being boring.

Wow has always been there to escape to, but now, it’s a looming giant of dread, taunting me, daring me to return, but I’m just not ready yet.


Lost in the Darkness,                                                                                              Vralk


Who Will lend a helping hand.


  1. Eeep.... good luck! My hunter right now is level 74, and so far, so good. She's been making some pretty solid progress. I've never had an alt get this close to 80, so I'm seriously determined to get here there!

    Also, if wow isn't as fun as it used to be.... maybe take a break. That's what I did. It felt good. Now, it also feels just as good (if not more so) to be back. =)

  2. I think it's autumn depression setting are not the only one lacking a WoW dedication right now. Maybe try doing something new in game that you don't you usually do? Sometimes when I level I find that I get so concentrated on getting xp that I forget to have fun along the way. But WoW shouldn't be boring...then I think it's better to take a break and get the motivation come back. And you will get some nice rested bonus too :).

    I'm sure you will take Vralk to lvl 80!