Thursday, 26 November 2009

Four Score and Heroics

That’s right, anyone who loves old ways or using numbers will have guessed the topic!

level 80 achievment.png

Vralk is now, 100%, positively level 80!

She swirled in yellow fireworks on Monday, gracefully meeting the level cap in Icecrown, just smiting a Crypt lord for the Argent Crusade.

We managed to get into Azjol-Nerub and ToC heroics that evening. ToC was with my good ol’ guildmates, and AN was Vralk's very first heroic Pug! J

ToC heroic wielded no drops for me, although, I did secure a lot of cloth/leather from normal earlier in the day.

AN however, was another story. I had to pick between two drops! Two robes dropped, and, I went for the cloth one, as the leather had worse stats except for the armour, which I don’t really need (hopefully)

Haven’t tried to heal yet, I’m waiting to gear up first, for now though, I’ll stick with moonkin-ing until I have a nice set, preferably around 1000-1300 healing power in ToL. Might try healing some normals later,

Love and Leaves,                                                                            Vralk

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  1. gratz on 80, have fun with the gearing up I know I do!